Today at the grocery store my path kept crossing with that of another lady who was shopping. Whenever we were near each other she kept cutting in front of me or totally cutting me off with her cart. (This sounds pretty lame as I type this….) I was annoyed the first time this occurred and really annoyed by the fourth time. I let the first three times go but in the end I did end up muttering something under my breath but in her general direction. It wasn’t pretty and I regret it. I am not even sure if she heard me but that doesn’t matter.  People tend to frustrate me easily but I need to learn to just go about my way and to be the bigger person about it. I was especially disappointed in myself because I just commented on my friends blog about how our actions can speak very loudly to non-believers and believers. Way to go ahead and take my own advice and completely ignore the word of God!

Please be praying for me this week that I would be conscience of my actions and the words that come out of my mouth.