I received an email from Coldstone Creamery a few days ago. They sent me a coupon to go get a free ice cream the week of my birthday. What a tease! Our local Coldstone closed down after we moved away last time. Bummer!!!  I was sad for about 1.5 seconds until I remembered that we are going to be in FL next week.  Surely there has to be a Coldstone somewhere near Orlando.  I checked just to make sure and there are about 12 of them! YIPEE!! I am so excited. Ben can finally use his gift card there that he has been saving since January and I can get my free b-day treat.  While I’m there I may see if they want to go ahead and open a store closer to Athens again. I did eat at the Everett, WA Coldstone about once ( ok maybe twice) a week during my pregnancy after all. I do think they owe me!! 🙂

German chokolatekake with extra brownies and hold the coconut here I come!!!!