Recently, my FIL emailed me to remind me that June 10th marked the three year mark for hubs being in the Navy. Wait, Ben’s still in the Navy? If my husband didn’t wear a uniform to work and wasn’t polishing up his shoes weekly I would probably TOTALLY forget he was even in the NAVY. There is no spouses group here at the base so I think that really plays a big role in how separated I feel from the military. I do get the occassional reminders that yes were are still in the Navy.  Such as when your hubby’s travel per diem arrives two months after his trip or when I can’t schedule a doctors appointment because BOTH base doctors are in Iraq. Seriously who thought that was a good idea????

Lately I have kind of gotten a glimpse of what life out of the Navy would look like. I guess shore duty could have that effect on you. Take the big gray floating object out of our life and it’s bound to happen. Hubby dears’ job definitely has a more “9-5″esque disguise to it these days. No jaunts down to San Diego for six weeks, no major deployments, and definitely no more hubby that comes home smelling of gunship metal. Oh, how I couldn’t stand that smell…..

I often wonder if other military wives get lured into thinking that the military isn’t so bad when your hubs is on shore duty. I know I sure do!  I think being on shore duty somewhere we love and have lived before makes a big difference.  It definitely lends to us feeling like we are separated from the military in a lot of ways. It makes our life feel more normal and more like this is our home. 

For today I am thankful hubs is on shore duty and I am not minding that much that he is in the military. But ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably change my mind.

 P.S. The picture is of Ben’s ship when it was in the dry docks last year.