I am way embarrassed to mention this but here goes. Sometimes I iron my sons clothing with my flat iron. Yes, I’m actually serious. I was in a hurry one day and wanted to press one of little buddy’s shirts. I already had my flat iron heated up and it was near by. So naturally I grabbed that and it worked awesome. I must say my skinny little flat iron actually probably is easier to use when ironing little people clothes than a regular iron would be.

 I HATE ironing. I would rather wear something that is wrinkled than iron. This morning I put my shirt on and noticed the back bottom edge was a tad on the crinkled side.  So what did I do? I fired up the flat iron! Today was the first time I have stooped to ironing my own clothes with the flat iron. I must say it wouldn’t work for any ole ironing situation but it is great for straightening out collars and hems! So try it sometime if you are ever in a pinch or aren’t.

So what is something you do that’s kind of goofy but actually works and is helpful in your everyday life?