The week I have been waiting for since last November has finally arrived.

Last fall after we bought our house I was looking online trying to find out some info about or neighborhood pool. Instead what I found was an article about the neighborhood annual 4th of July parade. The article mentioned a lawn chair brigade that was part of the parade tradition. What in the heck is a lawn chair brigade you ask?  I wondered the exact same thing. Think synchronized swimming but take away the water and add a lawn chair. Basically it’s a group of GROWN woman doing a routine to music involving lawn chairs. I immediately thought, “This I have to see!.”

I told my SIL about the brigade and she thought it sounded hilarious. She made a joke that she was specifically going to come visit us around the fourth so she could witness this spectacle. Well somehow the timing ended up working out and her and her family are actually coming to visit us this week. And they’ll get to see the lawn chair brigade.

When I was looking on you tube of a past video of the brigade I ran across a bunch of other neighborhoods videos. Apparently lawn chair brigades are not new but have been going on for some time. Unfortunately I have no video to show you because you tube was having some problems when I was trying to load the video I wanted. Oh well. Check back and maybe I’ll have a video of my own of this year’s parade and brigade!