I have a small obsession with handbags. Well actually any bag in general. I think this started when I was a wee little thing. My dad has always told me that when I was little I didn’t leave the house without a little purse. I love purses, totes, messenger bags, all kinds of bags really. I have friends who like shoes as much as I like purses.  Personally I have never been into shoes, in fact hubs has more shoes than I do.

I get most excited about a bag when it isn’t very expensive at all but super cute. And even more excited if it’s all those things and FUNCTIONAL!!!! Lately I have been on a purse hiatus. Diaper, wipes, bottles, changes of clothes, a wallet, formula holder, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, a changing pad, make-up bag, cell phone, sunglasses, medicine, epi-pens, pacifiers, and toys just don’t seem to fit in to a purse all that well. A while back I actually dumped out my diaper bag and counted the items in it. FORTY to be exact. That’s ridiculous! 

There are the random three times a month when I actually get to leave my house unattended by the little guy and I invite my purse along. It’s kind of sad at how giddy I get when I can go out with just my purse in tow.  As for the other average 27 days in the month I just admire my purses up on my closet shelf from afar. I know one day we will be reunited!!

What article of clothing/accessory if any do you tend to have the most of? Are you a purse gal like me? If so we were probably destined to be best friends!