Lately I have been on a major smoothie kick. I have been whipping up some tasty breakfasts in my blender. I am not sure if the heat has forced me to crave cold drinks/meals or if its that the local smoothie place finally opened near our house. The other night I was on a walk with the little man and trying to think about what I could have for dinner that would be easy. Hubs was at a work function and I was on my own for dinner. I was semi near the smoothie place so I thought, “Well why don’t I just get a smoothie!” But alas I had no dinero with me and I didn’t actually want to pay $6 or so for a smoothie. I have a hard time spending that kind of dough on a smoothie that is not from Jamba Juice. So I went home and whipped up my own smoothie with some random ingredients I had on hand. 

Since my smoothie craving has lasted for more than one day I ended up looking for some smoothie recipes online. Here is one that I found that I have been having this week. After everything is blended up I place it in the freezer for about ten minutes to get it nice and frosty and to let it thicken up a bit. 

Banana-Berry Smoothie:

1/2 C milk

5 strawberries

1 banana

1 tsp. of honey

1/2 of a small carton of yogurt 

4 ice cubes


***Note: this is not the original recipe in it’s entirety. I tweaked it a bit to my liking as I do most everything in life!! 🙂