Tonight I attended my first water aerobics class with my friend Jessica. I had some pre-conceived ideas of what water aerobics would be like.

A. I thought there would be some old ladies involved

B. I thought there would be cheesy music

C. I thought it would be easy

So there were old ladies and music, but not cheesy music.  And to be honest it was actually hard. Like it kicked my butt hard. I quickly realized that I don’t have as much coordination as I thought I did and definitely probably not enough to do an aerobics class.  It was a good workout but at one point as I was taking in a little water I thought I might just drown right there in the deep end. I thought surely God wouldn’t let me die right here in the middle of water aerobics class.

But alas I did survive and finish the class. And even though it was hard it was actually fun too. The instructor for some reason gave me a pet name and kept hollering it out at me through out the whole class. I thought my friend was going to drown from laughing so hard and then of course I totally started laughing. At least we got some good entertainment out of the class as well as a workout.

Maybe when I can move my arms again I will take another class. Until then I am going to crash here on the couch.