I’m a bit nostalgic for my friend Cronan and the Puget Sound today. You see Ben and I have spent 4th of July with Cronan the last two summers. Joining us were usually Ben’s aunt and uncle, a family member or two that was in town and some of Cro’s friends.  

Cronan had this AMAZING apartment that was a few blocks or so from the space needle. So if you were standing on her balcony and looked up you would be looking smack dab at the space needle. Which was always fun to see but especially at night when it was all lit up and fireworks going off behind it. Now if you turn to your right you would be looking out over Elliot’s bay and out into Puget Sound. We could always see fireworks going on over across the water towards the Olympic mountains. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that it was quite a treat to be perched on this balcony for the 4th two summers in a row. 

I’m holding on tight to these memories today and missing my friend. Here are some pics from our fun times together.

   Note that in this photo we are wearing JACKETS! It was a tad bit chilly that evening.  


Did I mention that you could also see Mt. Ranier off in the distance too? I told you this was one great apartment.