We started the day out with the infamous Ableskivers. Ableskivers are danish “pancakes” that are made in a cast iron skillet.  

Sidenote: We tasted our first skivers(as I like to call them) on our first night living in Seattle. We were temporarily bunking with Ben’s aunt(the one with the garden shed I long to live in!) and uncle and they made them for breakfast for us. They  gave us a pan and the recipe and we have been making them for special breakfasts ever since. If you’d like to be schooled on how to make them let me know. You will need a ableskiver cast iron skillet and a knitting needle(for turning them).


Back to our day. After breakfast we took a trip to UGA’s campus to show the fam around. It was already hot sweltering out unfortunately. We stopped to take some pictures of the boys. They were of course more interested in the ginormous magnolia leaves. 


















After the walk around campus we were all sweaty and hot glistening from the sun so we headed over to The Grill for some tasty treats. In my opinion the have the best milk shake I have ever had. I highly recommend the vanilla. They also have a pretty tasty cherry coke!


Stay tuned for the second part of our day, including the lawnchair ladies!!