Paradise ain’t so peachy when there is a bowling alley RIGHT above your suite.  It’s not really a bowling alley but that is about what it sounds like. Actually the weight room for the hotel is right above our suite and when someone sets their weights down it sounds like someone is dropping a bowling ball on our ceiling. Pretty handy when you have two kids that go to bed early and the gym is open to 11 p.m. Oh well……..

The rest of our day has been pretty great. After eating breakfast we loaded up the gear and headed to the beach. We played out in the ocean for a while with the boys. My nephew, H, loved to sprint down the beach and run out into the water. Our little man tried to eat the seashells. Who didn’t see that coming?? My littlest nephew was courageous and ran right out into the waves. After that we headed to the pool for a change of pace.


We will probably have a repeat of the same activities tomorrow, seeing as that was the point of our vacation. I am most looking forward to Thursday when we are going to head on over to Charleston to look around. Neither my SIL or I have ever been there.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures. Gotta go now. My double dip Snickers ice cream cone is melting…….