For my birthday I ordered myself a subscription to Southern Living. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of Georgia info in the magazine. I am not sure why since I knew Georgia was in the South.

In the June issue there was an article about those wildflowers I mentioned a while back. Apparently the Wildflower program has been around for 30 years and was instigated by The Garden Club of Georgia. The GDOT has planted flowers so that there is almost something blooming most of the year. I guess I have more to look forward to next year than just the poppies.

 This month there is an article about Watkinsville, which is a hop skip and jump from our Athens. The article features Ashford Manor which we drive by on our frequent trips to Madison. Some of our friends stayed there on their wedding night and they go to the concerts on the lawn that they have there in the summer. Maybe Athens will be featured sometime soon. I am sure it already has in the past since UGA is here, there is a ginormous music scene,  and Athens is one of the best towns, EVER.

Can’t wait to see wait to see if another Georgia town is featured next month……