Disclaimer:If you are already feeling queasy you might refrain from reading this post.

A little after 8:00 p.m. tonight our power went out. The little man started to cry so I went in and checked on him. He was fine so I left him so he could try to go back to sleep. A while later he started crying again so I went back to see if his room was starting to get hot with no a.c. on . I walked into a crib full of throw up. It was digusting. Great timing for the power to be out.

So here I am with a lone candle in one hand and my baby in the other hand wandering around the house. I finally decided I would just try to give the little man a quick cool bath. It was real fun giving a bath by the light of one candle. Thank goodness for that candle! I also cleaned up the entire crib by that one candle.

After I got the little guy cleaned up I decided we might need an alternative place to sleep if the power wasn’t going to come back on. I didn’t want the little guy to get to hot if he is sick. Unfortunately most people I know here had the same said stomach bug as we speak and live on the same side of town as I do. I figured their power was out too. I called my one of my few west side friends and she said sure we could come over on over. Thanks J for not even hesitating to say yes.  You’re awesome!!

At that point I started praying that God would turn our power back on. I was already sweating from running around cleaning up and I was afraid little buddy would over heat. Thankfully, a little while later the power came back on. I guess I learned my lesson today. The little man threw up this morning but I thought he was just gagging on some bacon. Apparently not.

Please pray that our little man doesn’t get sick anymore tonight and that we can both get some rest. I am all tuckered out ya’ll. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more exciting to blog about but don’t count on it.