Over the last few years I have been the one to leave friends behind. And by that I mean the Navy makes us move and therefore I have to say goodbye to the friends I have met. Today I was thinking about how many friends I have had to say goodby to. What prompted this line of thinking is that one of the friends I have met here recently is moving next week. This afternoon the little man and I got to spend some time with her and her little boy.  I left her house thinking, “Darn it, people aren’t supposed to move away from me.”  {sad face….}

I think when my military friends move away it’s not quite as hard because you knew that you would have to part ways eventually. It still stinks but its a reality we are all too familiar with. I try to look at it as now I have another cool place to go visit when one of my military friends moves away. And I just gained a pen pal. Well maybe not “pen” pal but you get the gist.

Although I am sad my new friend is leaving I started to thank about how thankful I should be. God gave us the opportunity to come back to Athens and to be near (I’m talking yards and miles) a ton of great friends we had to leave behind a few years ago. How awesome it has been to rekindle friendships and to watch them grow. And we’ve gotten the opportunity to meet more new people that we didn’t know that last time we lived here. BONUS all around!!