Yesterday marked the five year mark in Ben and I’s marriage. We got a babysitter and hit the town. We first stopped at The Last Resort  for some tasty food. I was tempted to get both the black bean crepes and the black bean soup for appetizers. But I didn’t. I thought that might be a tad bit dorky so we just go the crepes. But the black bean soup is so good……….Next time……

After our fab dinner we headed for the movie theatre. Let me just say it had been about 14 months since I had stepped foot inside a theatre. No, you heard me right. Fourteen months. We’ve got to get out more. We say the Dark Night and we both really liked it. I didn’t like it that the annoying lady next to me got up half way through the movie to go smoke a cigarette. How do I know where she went? She came back smelling like a walking cigarette. Can you tell I love me some cigarette smoke. NO I DON’T.  At all. And I am ALLERGIC to smoke.

Back to the topic at hand. We had a lovely night out, eventhough I missed the little man while we were gone. Him and I spend a mightly lot of hours together people and it’s just weird to leave the house without him.

Sidenote: A bottle of water at the theatre was going for the rate of $3.65 a pop. Are they kidding? They are practically forcing you to bring in your on loot. And that’s exactly what we did. Shhh, don’t tell.