So I totally just pulled the pregnant card. In my defense, hubs was on deployment for eight months out of my last pregancy. I believe I am entitled to bust out the preggo card at leisure during this pregnancy. 

I sent Ben to the store for some Mayfield Butterfinger ice cream. He called me on my cell while he was there and I just knew what he was about to say. So I answered the phone by saying, ” But I didn’t want any other flavor.” Yep, you guessed it. They were out of the butterfinger ice cream. I am starting to wonder if Mayfield even makes it anymore. 😦 This has happend before. I find a type of ice cream I LOVE and the company stops making it soon after my discovery.

So I had to settle for some other brand of butterfinger ice cream. And in “their” defense, the ice cream was actually good. WAH, WAH, WAH!

Note: This post was written weeks ago.