So what’s with the commentators at the Olympic events? Sometimes I just want to hit mute on the remote to silence theire random and often unnessary comments.

They seem to be particularly bad when there is a pool involved. I especially am not fond of one of the women commentators for synchronized diving. At one point she went on and on about how one guy wasn’t smiling enough. GEEZ lady, he’s in probably the biggest competition of his life. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but maybe he wants to CONCENTRATE or something.

  While I am on the topic of synchronized diving, what’s up with the 3 in square towels the swimmers use?  Is there a point to the smallness of the towels? I’m not so much a fan of the man’s sychronized diving competation, but of course I watched it anyways. And I then made my own comments from the couch. First of all there was a team( maybe German??) that had on black speedos and black arm bands. I am assuming they were trying to look as non girly as possible. I do’t think the black punk rock look quite translates when you are wearing two inches of material over your netherland area. There is no way to “manly” up the look of the speedo unless you are of course Michael Phelps.

This week I got to witness a new Olympic sport that I am really fond of.  Check it out!