I saw a movie last night.  If you’re keeping track that means two movies in two weeks. All time new record for me.

Let me back track to the start of the evening.  I met a few gals at DePalma’s for the COW’S farewell. No there was not an “animal” cow at dinner. In navy spousal lingo, COW is the Commanding Officer’s Wife. The current COW was here when we were stationed here three years ago and now they are fixing to transfer to Germany. It was nice to get out for a girls night and have a yummy dinner with friends.

After that my friend and I decided to make a complete girls night out of the evening and go see Mama Mia. It was cute although I think Jessica and I were laughing probably more than we should have been. It’s hard not to when the maids and random boys on the dock bust out in a song and dance routine.  There were these two ladies sitting in the row in front of us that kept singing and dancing to the music.  They seemed to be having a grand ole time!

I have been enjoying a few girls nights I have gotten to experience this summer and decided that I need to have more of those nights out in the future. It’s nice to not be surrounded by boys 24/7!