While my brother was here we took a trip down to Braselton, GA to the Mayfield Dairy. When we first arrived we saw this big guy. He was hard to miss.


The tour of the dairy started with a ten minute video that I could have done without. But I guess you can’t complain when the whole tour is free. We were all required to wear hair nets and they even made the little man wear one. Try keeping a hairnet on a 13 month old. Next to impossible folks.


Next it was on to the actual tour where we saw lots of things. We first saw where the trucks bring the milk into the dairy. Mayfield no longer has any of it’s own cows. (Score one point for Braum’s who still has their own cows) The milk is tested first before it is even allowed to be delivered to the dairy. Then we saw where the milk comes into a room where it goes through all types of machines and do dads that steam it, shake it about and remove any weird odors. Next we went by a room that houses a lot of machinery that puts the correct milk into the correctly labeled cartons. We saw some non-yellow cartons and that picqued our interest. You see Mayfield’s signature carton color is yellow. Apparently Mayfield makes milk for local Walmart and Targets, but the milk does not go through the same process as the Mayfield milk does. 

Next we saw a guy stabbing milk cartons with a  knife and then pouring the milk down a sink. I guess you could say he was Mr. Quality control for the dairy. Occassionaly the machines put the wrong milk  into the wrong carton. Wouldn’t you be surprised if you thought you were getting skim milk and out comes some whole chocolate milk. 🙂

The last part of the tour was the big huge room/refridgerator where the milk is stored until it leaves the dairy. The milk first in is the milk first out. Genius, people. That’s the FIFO method for all you accounting types. Yes, I’ve still got game.

All in all a good time was had at the dairy. You can’t beat a free tour although I am not quite sure that driving 50 miles each way to get there was really worth a free  twenty-two minute tour. So we made a mini road trip out of the tour and headed over to Chili’s for some lunch.  Little man ate his first ever real kids meal there complete with an apple juice. Which the waiter totally didn’t even over him a drink. Hello, the kids meal comes with a drink. You better bet your britches I am going to get my $4.99’s worth out of that kids meal.