I don’t quite understand. There are no MOPS groups that meet within 15 miles from where we live. The closest group is about 27 miles away. Although that may not sound too far it will take longer than that to get there and back. And I am NOT going to drive 30 minutes to meet with a new friend during the week should I meet any.  I am not trying to be mean, just realistic.

In WA ( keep in mind it’s a highly UN-churched area) I had ten MOPS groups that met with in ten miles or less from our house.  I could have walked to the one I attended.  It’s so weird to be back in the bible belt and surrounded by churches but to have no MOPS groups. There was a group that met 15 minutes from here but they disbanded the week we moved back. Great timing on both of our parts.  😦

So in lieu of MOPS this year I am looking for a womens bible study at a local church to attend during the day. I have found one I am interested in and will go to there welcome brunch in a few weeks. Maybe this will be my new MOPS and an opportunity to meet other ladies in my community.