They’re kind of random so I’ve put them in a list format. You know I love lists.

1. What’s with the crazy hurricane force winds we are having. If we were in OK I would think a tornado was heading our way.

2. I have a milk surplus that was unintentional. I mistakenly thought we were out of 1% milk so when I went to Publix to stock up on little man’s milk I grabbed us a half gallon. Low and behold I already had a WHOLE gallon of 1% milk in the back of my fridge. Good thing I have a fresh bag of those oreo cookies I am fond of. Anyone care to join me?

3. My on going search for FIRE Jolly Ranchers is slowly coming to an end. I’ve exhausted all of my resources and don’t know where else to search for them. If you run into any, buy them like your life depends on it and I’ll reimburse you.

4. Thank you sweet hubs for hooking me up with some tasty mexican food. I awoke this morning to find a whole platter of chicken enchiladas and rice from our favorite mexican restaurant in the fridge.  And a jar of really good salsa. I guess there were some advantages of you coordinating that party yesterday.

5. That’s all I’ve got folks. Tune in tomorrow….