I LOVE me a clean house. Who doesn’t, right? In college when I lived by myself my place was pretty much spotless. That bit of info shouldn’t really shock anyone. Keeping the house semi-clean and presentable doesn’t really work out so well when you live with two boys. And not to mention two big stinky, encrusted in red mud, shedding year round doggies.

Something I like right on up there with the house being clean are things being in their place. Organization really does make me a bit more sane. Our house is not quite as organized (in some areas) as I would like. Some of our storage spaces aren’t laid out that well and it makes organization of any kind a free for all. We’re working on that slowly but for now we are working with what we’ve got. I’m sure once I reach the nesting stage of my pregnancy I will becoming an organizing freak. That’s what happend the last go round. That’s normal right?

All this being said, I don’t actually like to clean really. There are definitely some areas in our house that probably get neglected cleaned less frequently than I like. Like the showers. I don’t like cleaning showers/bathtubs all that much. I used to clean the whole house at once so that everything would be nice and pretty. But now that rarely happens. When do I have a few hours to kill when a little man is not at my feet? Pretty much never.

So I’m curious. Are you an organized and neat person or is your home messy and chaotic? Be honest now……