So yesterday I was chatting online with my friend Lydia. While we were chatting she was searching online for my beloved cinnamon candies. I had not yet resorted to looking online because I didn’t really want to pay shipping for candy. So anyways her search led her to Walgreen’s where you can order them online or she found a store where I could order a five lb bag of them. Thinking that I didn’t need a five lb bag of anything sitting around my house I decided to venture over to Walgreens.

 I arrived upon the candy aisle only to find that they don’t carry the fire jolly ranchers. Seriously, why do you have them on your website but not in the stores? Do you have a lot of people ordering them online? I stood there and stared for longer than necessary thinking my eye would land on them and they would in fact really be there. But none magically appeared. So I left. Dissappointed.