I am a multi-tasking fool.  This past Saturday morning I was trying to clean up the remnants of breakfast, change my son’s diaper, and chat with my friend on google chat. All while I really needed to be getting the jogging stroller out of the garage so I would be ready to walk when my friend showed up in about .5 seconds to go on a stroll. 

I have probably always been a multi-tasker but I think my need to do so has increased since I have become a mom. I am constantly multi-tasking throughout my day. If I wait until nap time to complete my “To Do” list for the day it will take me about a week’s worth of naps to complete one day’s list. Plus I won’t get any downtime for myself. And now that I am pregnant I need that more than ever. Maybe if I never left the house all day I would have time to not multi-task. But I would like to have a life……..

I am pretty guilty of these things:

Talking on the phone while I fold laundry, check my email, or clean up around the house.

Emptying the dishwasher while my son eats breakfast/lunch/dinner. I am usually cleaning up said meal or preparing another meal.

Light cleaning of the bathroom while our little man takes his bath. (Don’t worry our bathroom is so small I could reach him in .002 seconds should I need to.)

Talking on google chat while I do 800 other things!

While multi-tasking can be a good and helpful thing I think sometimes it can be better to just do one thing at a time. Some things just require focus. Such as parenting!

So are you a multi-tasker or do you just focus on one task at a time?