The other night the little man and I had just set down to dinner when I noticed a small ant highway running from our window to the floor. The hubs was out for the evening so it was up to me to get rid of the ants. Normally if this situation had occurred outside I would have just “Raided” the crap out of the ants. I don’t think that is very advisable indoors. Plus, flat paint is very unforgivable. So I thought real hard and then put my nifty plan into action. I rigged up this super duper ant catcher/stopper apparatus. It might look like a strip of packing tape but don’t be fooled.  I know, I’m a regular ole McGyver.  



After the apparatus was installed I watched and waited but no ants were seen. So I ventured into the kitchen only to come back to find three ants that had materialized out of thin air. So what did I do? I brought out the big guns of course. I added a second piece of tape. I know, I’m hardcore.



Ben suggested we use a real ant catcher to catch the other ants should they choose to venture into our house. I guess that would work too. I sort of like my tape apparatus though.