Sometimes this life I lead is really hard. Hubs and I have to make life changing decisions quickly without much notice. Life can me really stressful at times. Like yesterday when I was having a major dilemma.

You see I thought I had signed up to bring juice to bible study and then yesterday I got an email reminding me to bring snacks. Snacks?!?!?!?  I signed up for juice. So then I was worried that maybe I had accidently signed up for snacks somehow instead. I emailed the lady back to clarify but never got a respsonse. If I had signed up for snacks I didn’t want to drop the ball and not bring anything.  I didn’t want 50 ladies sippin on juice wondering where in the crap their brunch/snack was.  I explained my dilemma to Hubs and he offered to go get some muffin mix from the store for me so we could bake something ahead of time. In the end I just decided to wait until this morning to see if the lady would email me back. Foolish thinking….

Of course there was no email. So I thought I would just run to Kroger on my way to bible study and pick up some muffins. I instantly regretted my decision to not make any last night because I had to pay $10.00 for two small packages of mini muffins. Arrrggghhhh. And then I arrived at bible study only to find a homemade apple coffee cake sitting on the table. Apparently I did sign up for juice.

So the moral of this completely lame story is to always trust your gut instinct. It’s usually right. And in the meantime, stock up on some extra boxed muffin mixes in case you ever have a snack crisis on your hands one day.  And if you’ll excuse me, I must run to the store to return two packages of muffins I DON”T need.