On Friday my good friend Cronan flew in for a visit. As a surprise she brought with her some tea for me. Her and her husband drink this tea that I just love but you can only buy it online. I am probably always going on and on about this tea when I am at their house. So being the great friend that she is, she so sweetly ordered me a box of decaf when she placed her last order for herself.

Little did she know I would get the sinus/head cold thing while she was here and would want to drink tea every five seconds. This irish black tea is delicious with some sugar and a splash of vanilla creamer. YUM-MY! Hubs even made him a glass to take to work the other day. And he doens’t like tea that much or usually drink anything decaf. Now that I am hooked on the tea, I am thinking about ordering some caffeinated as well. You know, um strictly for hubs….

So if anyone wants to join me for a tea party anytime soon by all means stop by with some cucumber sandwhiches and your tea cup.