I’m blogging live from the best seat in the house. Where would that be you ask? Why I am sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch. ( In case you are wondering John, I am not sippin on any sweet tea) It’s currently the “best seat” because it’s a down right cool sixty-three degrees out. You better betcha that I am in heaven right about now. Although I didn’t picture needing to wear a fleece in heaven or that I would be shivering.

The weather has been so glorious today, gray skies and all. I never thought I would say glorious and gray skies in the same sentence but looks like I just did. Weird. Darn WA for screwing with my perceptions of perfect weather. 

Anyhoo, even though I am still plagued with “The Virus”(not to be confused with the “Sinus/Head Cold” of last week) I decided to come out and enjoy the cool evening air. I would have preferred to spend the whole day on the couch but I made myself head out with the little man this afternoon for some fresh air. I spread out his blanket so he could play and I proceeded to lay down on said blanked and curl into a ball. I hope none of my neighbors were looking on. It might have looked like I was asleep/or dead had they seen me from the back side. Oh well. I wasn’t sleeping, just taking in the coolness of the day. 

I wonder if fall is just around the corner? I don’t want to get my hopes up but today did feel rather “fallish” if I do say so myself. And it is after all mid-September. Can you believe that?