The moving truck has arrived. No, we aren’t moving but our neighbors are. You might think I would be sad but truthfully I am not. Seeing as I never once met them in the eight months we have lived in this house. Oh sure they have waved at us once. But we were out walking in the neighborhood when they passed us in their car. They probably didn’t even know it was their neighbors. 

It makes me kind of sad that we never met them. They are actually our age so I feel worse that we didn’t at least make an effort. In my defense, I will say that their window shades were always drawn so it didn’t feel very inviting to waltz up to their front door for a little “meet-n-greet”.

I am hoping to turn a new leaf with the next people who move in next door. I am secretly hoping it will be another young couple or maybe even a young family. Or even an elderly couple. I vow to introduce myself when I see them moving in. That’s the neighborly thing to do right? Is it normal for neighbors not to know each other these days? That kind of makes me sad if it is. 

Well, I will keep you posted on the “newbies” and how the meet-n-greet goes. Until then…..