I finally had some energy today so I let the beautiful weather lure me outside for a picnic lunch.  I decided that the front yard would be better for a picnic because otherwise the dogs might try to overtake my nifty little idea. While we were outside I noticed a moving truck at the neighbors house. All I saw were movers so I wasn’t quite sure if it was the old neighbors or the new ones. I tried to tell if there was stuff being moved in or out but you see it was lunch time and not a lot of activity was going on. Plus I didn’t want to look like the nosy neighbor that I am not. 

A little while later I looked up to see a lady walking towards us. Aw, the new neighbor! Turns out our new neighbor is a single lady in her late forties/early fifties. She came right up to our blanket and introduced herself. She was very friendly and nice. And she has a golden retriever mix. I look forward to when she brings her dog over this weekend so I can see if her dog and our golden will be instant best buds.

Later in the day I looked out the window and saw our neighbor reaching over the fence to pet Molly and Cody. That made me smile. I think I just might like this new neighbor of ours. She’s alright!