So what did everyone think of The Office episode? I thought it was pretty good.  It defnitely wasn’t my favorite episode ever but it wasn’t bad.

I loved that Dwight sprayed raid on the “Last Meal” so that no one could take any food home.  And the part where Dwight put fruits and veggies in the vending machine.  Gotta love that Dwight!

And my favorite moment was when Jim proposed to Pam. That’s been a long time in the making folks. Although it seemed a bit down played since:

A. It occured at a gas station

B. There were cars speeding by in the rain so you only caught snippets of the proposal.

C. Well maybe that actually made it seem more romantic……

But I am still super excited they’re engaged.

 What was up with Toby being in the hospital at the end? That part was a bit odd. Maybe they will show more about him next week.  Oh and what was up with Ryan as the receptionist?

Ok let’s here your thoughts??