Here is a recent preggo pic for those out of towners who have been requesting I post one.

Well it’s officially less than a week until we find out the sex of the baby. And I CAN HARDLY WAIT! It will be fun to see if the little guy is going to have a little brother or sister. I won’t lie. I would be pretty darn excited if we find out we are having a little girl. But I would also be pretty excited for little buddy to have a little brother. My little brother is pretty special to me and I would love for the little buddy to have that same bond as I do with my bro.

Hubs gets to go with me to my ultrasound this go round so it will be all the more special. He was cruising  during that last “sex” ultrasound and missed out on hearing first hand. I know he is excited to get to go and I am happy he will be there with me.

In other pregnancy news, I felt the baby move for the first time two weeks ago. I was able to “detect” the baby a lot sooner since I knew what I was supposed to feel. It is kind of a weird sensation for the first little while. To me, it almost feels like there is a little goldfish in my tummy doing belly flops. Which is weird since the baby is much bigger than a goldfish right about now. Heshe is more the size of a bell pepper. 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned in the next week or so to find out if we have got a he or she on our hands.