I ♥ Fall! Well I don’t know if it’s fall so much but I do adore the fall tempuratures we have been having. I don’t know who couldn’t love any season that makes the tempurature drop below 80. It is such a sweet relief after the sticky humidness that we call summer here in Georgia.

I have been trying to make a point of getting out and enjoying the above said weather each day. Little bud and I have been going on lots of walks with friends and just hunkering down on a blanket in the front yard for playtime. And I have even stowed the shorts away for winter. Well I might have still been sporting them sparingly if they actually fit me anymore. But they don’t. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect on that, what with it no longer being in the high 90’s each day.

I have also taken advantage of the cooler temps and have been leaving lots of windows open to keep the house cool. It’s wonderful having an attic fan to turn on every now and again throughout the day. We didn’t have attic fans in OK (that I know of) so they are new for Hubs and I. I am really looking forward to a decrease in our electric bill for the next month or so. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? 🙂