Last night I had an impromptu girls night out. It was wild let me tell ya. First off I met up with some friends at a local consignment sale. If that doesn’t scream “Hot night out” then I don’t know what does. Then afterwards I went out with a friend for coffee. Well technically I had a hot chocolate if you must know. 

Let me back up to the consignment sale. Our local YMCA hosts a huge consignment sale twice a year. You can find anything pretty much related at all to babies/kids there. I went last spring but went later on in the weekend. This year I decided to brave the first night of the sale crowd and see what good finds I could get my hands on. I was hoping to find some extra long bed rails for little man’s big boy bed but could only find the shrimpy short ones. I did find a maternity shirt and a cute jeans skirt at the very end of the night. I also got little buddy a few fall shirts/sweaters, a god pair of shoes, and some pj’s. I couldn’t resist picking up a set of three newborn size jammies in semi-neutral colors.

I’ll admit I did survey the girls racks. I couldn’t resist the lure of all that pink. Too bad my ultrasound wasn’t last Monday. I found a super cute GA cheerleading outfit in the boys section which I kindly  passed on to my pal Lyndie. It was a steal and a great find for little Miss Sadie!  Somehow my friend and I managed to spend an hour and half at the sale. While we didn’t look at every single item we did check out most things. Plus we holed up in a corner for a while looking over our finds and deciding what items were worth buying. My friend D got lots of great little dresses and sweaters for her daughter. She really scored with a pile of great finds. And she got the most adorable little silver and black zebra print flats. There was some sparkly action involved in them and they were too cute. Her little girl will be stylin this fall!

After we packed up all our loot we headed over to Jittery Joe’s so we could snag a few more minutes of freedom mommy/girl time. We got our hot beverages and headed out into the cool air. After a while it got a bit cool but you better bet I wasn’t about to complain about it being cool. It was more like I was sending God a little prayer for the lovely drop in the tempuratures.  

All in all it was a fun night out.