So the great name debate is on in our household right now. We had a few boy names picked out and for some reason or another we have decided to maybe scrap those names and keep on a lookin.

We have had several southern suggestions such as “Bubba, Cletus, and Clyde.”  I am kind of leaning towards Cletus but we’ll keep you posted.

As far as a blog name for the little guy I am leaning towards LB², which would stand for Little Buddy’s buddy.  I don’t know that I will have the time to type Little Buddy’s Buddy so I figured I needed a way to shorten it. Little buddy squared seems to work. Let me know what your thought are on that.

Sidenote: Little Buddy’s Buddy was suggested by the lovely Mrs. Katie. I am pretty darn sure she dubbed our son Little Buddy way back when and it has seemed to stick with our friends at church.