Well I am happy to tell you the name game is officially over. We have settled on a name. I am still surprised that we decided to scrap our original names we were thinking of. All day yesterday I was trying to come up with a name but it’s sort of hard to just pull a name out of the air that works. I was contemplating getting out the “name book” when a name came to me.

I thought for sure that Hubs wouldn’t like it but I ran it by him anyways. He liked it and as the night grew on he liked it more and more. So I guess we are going to go with my name. Sorry but for security purposes I am not going to tell you what it is on the blog. I’m such a party pooper!

How anti-climatic of an ending to a post is that?? Sorry but you can email me or I can tell you the next time we meet in person.  Hope you’ll understand.