Big news to share with you. Hubby dear was accepted into the Logtech MBA program.  I am so thrilled for him. Most of the program is done online, although there are several week long courses in N.C. and one ten day international trip as well. I know Ben will be very excited to go on the international trip as long as it isn’t to Panama. HA!!( For those of you who don’t know, that is the about the only place his ship kept going on his deployment.)   

Hubs already has so many things on his plate right now with work, our family, our little bebe to be coming this spring, and the on-going fixin up of our old house. Please just pray that he can balance all of these things and that I will be super supportive even when it’s hard. Because I know he will be gone more and it will be hard.  

Crongrats hubby dear!