Can I just say that the funniest part of the whole episode was when Micheal totally took Jim down upon hearing the news of Jim’s engagement! 

I love that Dwight was drinking out of a 2-liter at his desk and then that he peed in it. Well maybe I didn’t like that last part.

And who didn’t think the whole “Let’s get Ethical” dance routine wasn’t funny. Or the stopwatch/Battle Star Galatica scene? I love Jim. He rocks!

I also loved the whole discussion about Ethical dilemnas in the work place.

“When I discovered youtube I didn’t work for five days.-Michael Scott

“Sometimes I download pirated music onto my work computer.”-Kelly  “Who hasn’t?”-Micael Scott


I will say that I miss the usage of the phrase, “That’s what she said.” It seems the writers haven’t been throwing that in as much lately.

All in all I thought it was a pretty funny episode. Oh and I just remembered the chastity belt conversation….Too funny!!


***Photo via Just a girl