If you have been around little buddy in the last month or two then you have probably been greeted with a friendly “Hi!” from him. I must say he is one of the friendliest kiddos I have ever seen. He says “hi” to grown ups in the store, “hi” to kids at the park, “hi” to people on the t.v. and in magazines (no joke), and “hi” to animals he sees around the neighborhood. He even said “hi” to a manniquinn yesterday at a clothing store. His ever so friendly and enthusiastic “hi’s” are usually always accompanied by a wave of some sort. He even like to say “hi”to Hubs and I when we enter a room.

Little buddy says “hi” so often that I have been joking that I am going to drop him off at Sam’s Club so he can work as a Greeter at the front door. I’m not really but I am sure the older folk would think it was a hoot. 🙂


Oh little buddy, it’s so wonderful to see your little personality budding more and more every day.