Every time I have seen Charlie Hall in concert he has put on such a great show.  And boy, he didn’t disappoint last Friday night. I almost felt like we were back in OK there for a few seconds until he said how excited he was to finally be playing here in Athens for the first time. So maybe we weren’t quite back at Bridgeway but it’s fun to remember.

I was hoping that we would get the chance to actually meet Charlie while at the concert but wasn’t sure that we’d get too. As we were walking to the auditorium we ran into him in the lobby and Ben surprised me by stopping and introducing us both. We told him we were from OK and had attended Bridgeway too. He was very nice and I even got a shoulder squeeze as we were departing. I’m lame, I know!

Hubs and I really enjoyed the concert! It was great to get to hear the songs in person from their latest album. I felt really moved by the lyrics of his new songs. There was something very refreshing, renewing and hopeful about the majority of the songs. I have pretty much been listening to his new album non-stop since Friday night. 

While we were at the concert we were sitting directly in front of a couple from OK. We didn’t realize this until I heard the guy talking about how he told Charlie they were from OK and had gone to school in Norman. Now you know I am not one to hear that and not say anything. So what did I do? I promptly turned myself around in my seat and proceeded to strike up a conversation with them. Turns out that not only are they Oklahomans, the husband is in the Navy and stationed at the same base as hubs. My, my it’s a small world sometimes!


***Sidenote:Super Duper thanks to Matt and Katie for kickin it with the little man so we could have a fun date night. You guys are awesome!