So Mapquest and I are in a fight. Darn program screwed me over this morning. Again. For like the 52nd time.

I guess technically I might have contributed to the directional mishap that occurred this morning but it makes me feel better to blame Mapquest. You see today was the day of the first local MOPS meeting. In preparation I had printed out my directions last night. I was going to do it during the day yesterday but I didn’t actually have a chance until about ten thirty last night. I typed in the destination and I vaguely remember some pop up message coming up about an “unknown destination.” That might have been my clue to PAY ATTENTION but no I just accepted whatever option it gave me for an alternative address. This has happend before and it has worked out just fine. Well not this time.

So fast forward to this morning. I had actually left the house early, a big accomplishment for me these days. I started out on my merry little way and made it about three-fourths of the way to my so called destination when I started thinking, “Hmmm this can’t be right.” You see I was actually traveling away from the town I was supposed to be heading to. That’s when I noticed that my directions were taking me to my desired zip code but not the whole exact desired address. Great.

At this point I called up my friend in hopes that she could rescue me. How emabrassing to call someone you have invited to something and ask them for directions. But Missy was great and gave me the directions that her navigational system was giving her. And I finally arrived. Fifteen minutes late.

All I have to say is, “How embarassing!”

So moral of the story is to hide the GPS from your hubby when he mentions he needs to take it for work. Or read your directions prior to leaving your house. Either way sounds like a winner to me. 🙂