Well I am excited to tell you that the dining room rejuvenation project (phase #1) is complete. Hubs was able to knock out all of it during his three day weekend.  Can I just say that I am glad I live with a dry-wall expert. It really has come in handy over the years. I am just so thankful that Hubs can do most any repair project around the house and that he is very interested in doing those things. He doesn’t really ever view these projects as “chores” but instead really enjoys them. Those(Our last name here) boys sure are handy!

Ok, so back to the actual project. Saturday Hubs did away with the popcorn ceiling and then he touched up a few spots that needed a little help.


Then he sanded and finally re-textured the ceiling.  Sunday he installed the crown moulding. It’s funny how one little thing can change up a room pretty drastically! On Monday he painted the new trim and the ceiling.

Phase #2 will be to put up the wainscoting/judges panels and to re-paint the dining room walls. So long cranberry/dusty rose walls. It was nice knowing you but now it is time for you to go. Phase #2 will start in November after Hubs travel/work/school schedule has died down again. I am most excited for phase #2 to be complete. What a transformation that will be on our dining room. And I guess our living room too since the two rooms flow into each other. 

The only probably with fancing up your house is that once you do one thing you get the itch to do other things. Like now that the dining room is getting all beautified it would be nice to upgrade our window treatments. But we can’t just replace the dining room blinds and not the ones in the living room. But that’s five window ya’ll.  And then the living room could do with a cooler(ha!) fan. One a little more in-line with the style of our furnishings. I really like the one in my friend Claire’s den. I wonder if she would notice if it went missing? I’m totally just kidding Claire! Well, um kind of…

Well stay tuned next month to see the completed dining room project!