I have never really loved jean shopping. Sometimes it takes me months to find a pair of jeans that I like. It’s almost sickening that Hubs will go to one store, try on two pairs of jeans and then walk out with one pair. And the worst part is that they’ll cost less than $40.00. One time he was extremely proud of himself for finding a pair he liked for under $20. Seriously.

So what made me blog about jean shopping? I am on the hunt for some maternity jeans. This might not be such a daunting task if we had one decent maternity store in this here town. We have Target which we all know I LOVE but I am not impressed whatsoever with their maternity section. I wasn’t when I was preggo with little buddy either. I have tried to shop there but there is not much to choose from and I can never ever find my size in the one thing I might like. So on to the my other maternity option, Motherhood maternity. I am even less crazy about their clothing than the options at Target. I went there a few weeks ago to look for jeans and none of them fit me well at all. They suggested petite jeans. Right, like I want capris in the winter people. I did try on the petites just to humor the saleslady.  They did fit slightly better in the waist but were a tad too high waterish in the length.

So now I am back to square one again. I finally looked online last night and decided to just order a pair of jeans. It’s not very appealing to drive three hours round trip to ATL to go maternity shopping with little buddy in tow. Paying seven dollars for shipping instead of paying for gas sounded like a better option. I’ll be mighty suprised if the jeans actually work out but you never know. Knowing it takes me months of looking at different stores I am not sure what possessed me to just order one style in two different sizes. I think I am setting myself up for some dissappoint. Hopefully not. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

So I’m curious, do you all despise jean shopping as much as I do or are you more like my hubby and can find jeans super fast?