On Saturday little buddy and I headed over to a Fall Festival in Watkinsville, GA. We met up with three of my friends and their little kiddos and set off towards the park/field where the festival was being held. When we arrived at the festival I was quite surprised at the size of it.  When I first heard about the festival a while ago I was thinking that it would be on the smallish side. But no, it was actually pretty decent size.

There were rows and rows of booths with people selling jewery, crafts, kids clothes/accessories, and pretty much anything else you could think of.  We walked through that area for a while and then headed over to get some lunch. I was supremely impressed with the amount of food that there was to purchase. There was basically any type of “fair food” that you could think of. And of course I had to get a hand dipped corn dog. What’s a fair/festival without a corn dog? I was tempted to try a sweet tea slushie but decided against it. Only in the south would they have sweet tea as a slushie flavor. Have I mentioned lately that I love it here?

After “lunch” we went to check out the petting zoo. There were llamas, a sheep, dogs, chicks, bunnies, horses, ponies, and bunnies. I got to hold a little chick and let little buddy pet it. He thought that was pretty cool. He also got to pet a bunny. We tried to see the sheep but he was not facing us and proceeded to take a poo right as we were staring at his backside. I could have done without seeing that!

I think little buddy most enjoyed the part where he got to sit in a “corn box”. Picture a sand box but instead of sand there were kernels of corn. Pretty genius idea if you ask me. The kiddos absolutely loved it.

By the way here is what happens when you try to get three little kids under the age of two to pose for a picture.