While I was pulling in the driveway today I noticed that our presidential canidate sign was missing from our yard. Honestly I wasn’t that surprised that it had been stolen because there have been other signs stolen throughout our neighborhood. I was more suprised it lasted a few weeks in our yard without being stolen!

I would hope it was a kid who stole our sign. Someone just playing a prank on us. But in all honesty I have a feeling it was someone that supported the “other” canidate. Mr./Mrs. sign thief do you really think by stealing our sign you just changed my mind on who I will vote for? Do you think my “neighbors” will see our sign is gone and change their vote too? I’m just curious what your intentions were?  Let me just tell you that I am not voting based on which president I think would be “neat” or whoever our friends are voting for. I am voting for the man who’s values and morals are most in line with the biblical values that guide my life. I think as a Christian that is our duty as far as voting goes.

And that is all I have to say about that.