No one told me that baby proofing required more than just sticking those little plug covers in your wall outlets. Well I guess I knew about the contraptions to keep little people out of your cabinets. What I didn’t know is that I would have to rearrange my furniture and household items. And get a bit creative in the process!

Lately little buddy has been really interested in cords and electrical outlets. He wants to unplug cords and then plug them back in.  I have had to block wall outlets by pushing ottomans and random furniture in front of them. Little buddy also loves to play with our wireless router and to turn off the desktop computer. Darn kid loves buttons! I have blocked his access to the power button by putting my Firm workout step in front of it. At least the step is getting some use…..Quite frankly I am going to run out of things/furniture that can work as a deterrent/blocker pretty soon. What’s a momma to do?

Anyone have any creative suggestions?