I thought I would write a post that was non-baby/little man related. Imagine that! 

So lately I have been getting to know some new woman. Army wives to be exact. Well honestly I don’t actually know any real life Army Wives. The Army Wives I know are of the Lifetime variety. 

When my sister-in-law first mentioned the T.V. show Army Wives to me I thought the show was a reality show that was about real Army wives. But then she mentioned an actress on the show and I quickly realized it was just a dramatization about Army Wives.  

While my SIL was here visiting this summer her and I watched a few episodes together. I must admit that I was quickly hooked and started recording the show each week. It’s sort of comparable to a soap opera but not so fake and probably a bit more normal.

I can’t tell you if the show is realistic or not to the life of a real Army wife. Probably not but I am sure that some things that occur on the show could viably occur in real life.  What I like about the show is the camaraderie between all the wives. It reminds me of the relationships I had with the Navy spouses in WA and makes me miss those friends.  No matter if we stay in the Navy for just a few more years or if Hubs makes a career of it, I will always cherish the wives I met along the way. And I will always smile when I think back to “that” time in my life and think of the fun memories I have made with our military spouses.

Unfortunately the current season of Army Wives ended last night. I guess I should go out and make real friends now. Just kidding, I have real friends! 🙂