I knew there was a reason I don’t like going to the Post Office. To be honest I have nothing wrong with the Post Office itself, but with the people who walk through the doors. My experience on Thursday only confirmed why I try to only go there about three times a year max.

I don’t quite understand why people bring their items to the P.O. and then proceed to package them up to ship while in line. If there was a line of 10+ people maybe this could be allowed but not when there are three people in line. The lady in front of me was packaging up TWO packages and was still working on them when it was her turn to approach the counter. The mail clerk politely asked her to step aside if she was not finished and let the next person in line (ME) proceed to the counter. She assured the clerk that she was in fact done but as he was weighing the first package she was furiously filing out a label for the second package. The mail clerk informed her it would be about $16 something or rather per package. The lady then proceeded to complain about the cost. The clerk told her she had picked express mail packages and therefore that required overnight shipping charges. She started to complain that there were no other boxes to pick from that were the right size. So the clerk went behind the counter and picked several new boxes for her. I was expecting him to tell her to step aside to re-package her mail but no he let her spend another ten minutes or so AT THE COUNTER re-packaging everything. I am wondering if the lady had to pay for the two boxes she wasted and had to bust open to retrieve her items.  I don’t think she was. 

By this point I was almost done with my turn at the mail counter but didn’t want to leave because I wanted to see what else the lady would try to pull. When I turned to leave there were about ten or so people in line who looked like they were all glaring at the back of this ladies head. 

So I am not really sure why I am even telling you this story. Maybe to encourage you to complete your packages at home. Especially with the holidays approaching when the lines will get longer than normal. And know what box you are picking before you completely seal your package and take it to the counter. These are common sense things people.