We decided to take a little drive and journey out to Greensboro, GA on Saturday morning. The trip started out just dandy. We made a pit stop at RaceTrac to get some Coke icees.  Boy,  do they have the best drink selection EVER!!

I guess the combination of the curvy roads, one small kit kat and a few sips of the icee drink didn’t really mix so well. Let’s just say as soon as I got out of the car in Greensboro I christened my new jeans with a bit of that mixture. I rarely throw up so it was just great that I managed to get some on the hem of my jeans and one shoe. 😦

But as soon as that bout o’ sickness was over I felt fine so we looked around downtown Greensboro for a bit. We had gone there in search of some pieces of furniture for little man’s room. There are several antique stores there as well as some boutiques. We didn’t end up buying anything but we did stumble upon one little gem of a store. It is called Pinch of the Past. Pinch of the Past is a architectural antique store with one location in Greensboro and one in Savannah.  The store in Greensboro is housed in an 1880s railroad warehouse and water tower. The store would be a gold mine for anyone fixing up a really old house here in the South. They had old fireplace surrounds, tons of old hardware, paneling, beams, knobs and pulls, windows, doors, columns, tin ceiling tiles, sconces, claw footed bathtubs, ironwork and so many more things that I can’t even remember right now. They also has some furniture and other general antiques. Hubs and I would love to own a house some day that would require us to be on the lookout for all the salvaged materials we saw today. We didn’t buy anything but it sure was fun to have a look around. We were interested in this ginormous neat old Dr. Pepper sign but it was the one thing there that was not for sale. OF COURSE!! 🙂