1. He did it again. I went in to get him this morning and little man had his shirt off. He had wadded it up into a little ball and was holding it. ???????????????

2. He know prefers to eat big people portions. He no longer wants me to cut anything into bite size pieces. He now wants to chomp down on a whole apple, take bites off of a whole banana,  and eat a chicken nugget like you and I would. This morning he ate a whole pieces of turkey bacon by biting off tiny little bites. It took him about ten minutes but he did it. 

3. He has started saying “UH OH”, but he only says one part of it at a time.  It’s either “Oh” or “Uh”. It’s kind of funny.  And he also mastered “Cody” a few weeks ago which is our husky. Now all dogs are Cody too! Poor Molly( our other dog), he hasn’t even attempted her name. 😦

4. He has started crawling more and more each day. Never thought he would actually be a crawler. He is also pulling up like crazy on everything. Apparently he was so content for a long time to just play/explore at his own level. I guess he is just now interested in things that are higher than he is.